A mother is a woman but one can not assume that a woman is necesseraly a great mother.

Heeemm, during PGRI National work conference plenary meeting conducted at Adi Mulya hotel in Medan, 28 January 2017, all participants pointing their fingers by acclamation to elect Dr. Unifah Rasyidi to carry out mandate as President of PGRI.  This National work conference held in Medan is the inauguration of confirmation on Mrs Unifah leadership after her year of assignment as acting of President for PGRI replacing the late of Dr.Sulistyo.

Her style of leadership has been embraced by the members. Mrs Unifah is able to act like a great mother who embrace all potential in organization. She has been able elegantly to break all gaps and barriers and even able to shows high level communication and advocacy performance with government and let alone with President of Indonesia, Mr Joko Widodo. For this reason Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Muhajir Efendi also express his respect and closeness with her.

Upon her woman leadership, PGRI became softer in a positive way and that creates a magnet for government or state authoritarian to get closer to PGRI. It is no wonder if Vice President of Indonesia, Mr Yusuf Kalla shows his support and gratitude to teachers and PGRI by helping renovating PGRI building (Gedung Guru Indonesia). We can see now that PGRI building is now being renovated and becoming more modern and ready to use as PGRI learning centre especially for its members.

On her inauguration speech, Mrs Unifah mentioned that she is ready preparing her amunition to create more good programs for PGRI. More colaboration with external party such as Airlangga University, Microsoft, Sriwijaya Air, Bulog, Telkom and other potential partners which will become her leadership key performance until 2018.

On the other hand, Mrs Unifah also express her deep concern in front of Ministry of Education and Culture on status for honorarium teachers and teachers in general in Indonesia, especially for teachers with certification allowance.

That is Mrs Unifah, a mother to all PGRI members in Indonesia. A mother who can carry wisdom to million of members of PGRI in Indonesia. Congratulation to Bunda Unifah Rosyidi who is now our President and leader. God bless you in carrying organisation mandate.

Hotel Danau Toba,29 Januari 2017

by : Dimasmul Prajekan