All participants of PGRI National Work Conference IV 2017 at Hotel Adimulia Medan, Saturday, 28.01.2017, voted overwhemingly that Acting President of the Executive Board (PB) PGRI Dr. Unifah Rosyidi, M.Pd elected as the President of PB PGRI period 2017-2019. The participants numbered 800, coming from 34 provinces. While Dr. Muhir Subagja, M.M selected as one of PB PGRI vice presidents.

As reflected in the response of PGRI Provincial chairmans throughout Indonesia prior to the election, the reason the participants unanimously voted Unifah Rosyidi was to continue the leadership of the late Dr. Sulistyo  because Unifah was considered to have sufficient competence, experience, and character to bring upon PGRI as a struggle, professional, and trade union organization.

Participants believe under Unifah’s leadership, PGRI will be an organization that can fight for professionalism, prosperity, teachers’ dignity.

During 10 months less a day of service as an acting president, Unifah was evaluated by the participants to be able to read, understand, and solve the problems of teachers in such a good manner avoiding violance, demonstrations, strikes, and prioritizing dialogue with the Indonesian government ranging from the President, Vice President, Education Minister, Parliaments, and so forth.

With her communication skills, Unifah manages to convince the government to accept the  PGRI’s ideas on teacher-related issues. PGRI also cooperates with companies and institutions inside and outside the country.

In the attempts of fighting for professionalism, prosperity, and dignity of teachers, Unifah has shown her earnest dedication and tireless struggle. PGRI under Unifah’s leadership continues to raise issues temporary teachers, teachers certification allowance, equal distribution of teachers, National Examination and hoaxes.

Unifah’s performance is considered suitable with PGRI as a professional organization that prioritizes dialogue and polite manners in conveying the aspirations of Indonesian teachers who are now having many problems, and even tend to be more, so it needs patience and good cooperation between the government, community, and PGRI as a big teacher’s organization.


Having the confidence given by participants of  National work Conference, I hereby Unifah will carry out this mandate and trust with all the ability and sincerity, so that the professionalism of teachers, welfare, and dignity of teachers can be achieved according to the Indonesian teachers’ expectations.

Therefore, I can not work alone. I need the cooperation, expertise, and sincerity of leaders and members of PGRI throughout Indonesia to carry out this heavy and noble mandate. May we are collectively able to create and implement programs for the benefits of teachers, at least until 2019.

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